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How would you feel if

  • You were able to identify exactly what is not serving you in your life at this very moment, instead of just feeling dissatisfied and confused?
  • You were able to determine exactly what you DO want to do and become in your next season of life?
  • You were able to clearly articulate those goals for your future, take intentional action and make them a reality?
  • What are the dreams that you used to have for your life?
  • What is the legacy that you wanted to create?
  • Are you fulfilled and happy with your life in this moment?

Let's face it - there is so much happening in life that is out of your control - right? However, the reality is that you still have the ability to visualise, plan and chase those dreams that you have been holding in your heart.

The Life Audit Workbook, along with the complimentary video is the perfect tool to help you assess where you are at, identify where you want to be and plan how to get there. In short, it is the equivalent to a series of life coaching sessions that can cost many hundreds of dollars for less than the cost of 2 cups of coffee!

Now you don't need to save up for months to attend some luxury spa to "find yourself!" Instead, you can create your own retreat, and use the prompts laid out in the Life Audit Workbook to help you Reflect on the life you've had to this point, Create the life you want going forward and Thrive as you establish the habits and routines you want to help you achieve your dreams.

It's time to create the purposeful life that you want, so start today by getting your own copy of the Life Audit Workbook along with the complimentary Life Wheel Video.

Love for Cat


Cat's Life ON-Purpose workshop was incredibly valuable for helping me review 2019, what worked for me, what didn't and what I want for 2020. Also, I'm leaving with actionable steps to get started on achieving my goals for 2020!

-Shannon C


I have been very privileged to attend Cat’s ‘Rocking your Midlife Live Event’ held in September last year and also have had 1:1 coaching with her this year... I am determined to rock my midlife with excitement and knowing I have the support of and encouraging community and Cat’s guidance I can already see the change in me and Cat has challenged me to reach my full potential.

-Brigid G


Cat’s knowledge of wellness, combined with her experiences shared as stories, engages her workshop participants authentically. She strategically weaves personal and small group activities into the presentation allowing hands-on connection with concepts shared. I recommend Cat as an engaging and value-added workshop presenter.

–Lorraine T


Cat Coluccio, was one of our speakers at the inaugural HerStory Women’s Global Empowerment Conference in Auckland, on the 29th February 2020 and held our audience captive with her story. She not only is an uplifting and inspiration speaker but she infused her musical creativity into her presentation as well. If you are looking for speakers with an X-factor, I highly recommend Cat Coluccio.

–Getrude M


I was privileged to hear Cat speak at a recent conference in California, and with just her opening line, my heart was moved. She has the ability to speak to directly to you, your thoughts, yes even in a crowded room of over 100 persons. Perhaps it was because I recognised her genuine desire to open up and be raw right off the bat, to be vulnerable, and to share. Or the simpler (and more potent) fact that Cat is such a relatable person. Honest. Authentic. Genuine.

–Sheela G

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Cat Coluccio
Cat Coluccio
Cat Coluccio
Cat Coluccio

A qualified Educator, Personal Trainer and Life Coach, Cat Coluccio is a vibrant communicator and coach and a champion of midlife women.

She is passionate about seeing women empowered to stop procrastinating, get unstuck and live their lives ON purpose, fulfilling their potential and creating a legacy for their families and communities.

A transplanted Australian, Cat lives in New Zealand with her husband, her grown children and grandson, plus far too many cats and chickens. She is the author of a number of books, including her most popular, 21 Hacks to ROCK your Life! which is joined by the recently released TEEN Edition.

Cat is also the founder of both the Rocking Midlife™ Community and the Podcast and lives by her personal philosophy: "It is never too late to have a new beginning in life."

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